Jan 20- Wreaths and Wine. The Karaoke contest begins.

Jan 21- Roots to Branches Band

Jan 22- Dueling Pianos on the patio

Jan 25- Marty Lansdell Band

Jan 27- Paint & Sip. Karaoke Contest

Jan 28- Alex & Liv Band

Jan 29- Dusty Rose Band

Feb 1- Hampton Fontenot on the Patio

Feb 3- Karaoke Contest Continues. Wreaths and Wine on the inside

Feb 4- Parson B & The Part time sinners band.

Feb 5- Trophy Husband Band

Feb 8- Marty Lansdell Band

Feb 10- Paint & Sip on the inside, Karaoke Contest 

Feb 11- T Town 5 Band

Feb 12- Tailgate Poets Band

Feb 15- Hampton Fontenot

Feb 17- Wreaths and Wine, Karaoke

Feb 18- Lane Bricker Band

Feb 19- Stone Blue Band

Feb 22- Marty Lansdell Band

Feb 24- Paint & Sip, Karaoke

Feb 25- TJ MacAlexander Band

Feb 26- Heather Lin Band

Stay tuned for more upcoming events!